Sunday 5 April 2020

Polytunnel Doors

So I've made new doors for the polytunnel. 

These are simply made from 3x2 treated timber with some big heavy duty hinges I got from a job a few years ago.

Currently they're plastic on the bottom and mesh on the top but I'm going to knock up a few panels of plastic to go in the top that will be easy to remove. This way on cold nights they can be placed in there to try to retain some of the heat from the day.

I also need to add some stays to keep them open and start on the layout with a few slabs in each entrance.

Nearly ready for planting a few things!

What would you plant in there first?


  1. Living on the coast we have green wind break fabric in our door and doorframe on the back and the wind blows through the tunnel without doing any damage during gales. Potatoes will break the ground for future crops.

    1. That's a good point about the storms and high winds! These have nets on the top, I'll make sure I leave them like that when it's windy then! Thanks Dave!

  2. I wish i had a garden big enough for a tunnel. I'd be planting with everything.

    1. WWe do feel lucky here, I love our growing space.


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