Friday 3 April 2020

Very Wet Scout Walk & A Troll!

Four Mondays ago, before all this mess, we took our group of Beavers, young scouts between the age of 6 and 8, for a walk to the top of one of the local hills. 

The weather was horrendous. Perfect for a Scout walk in my mind. I always think its pointless if you go when you would on a family walk anyway.

The rain was blowing sideways and at the top we could barely stand up! We couldn't see much more than 15 feet in front of us at one point. And although this walk is easy for an adult for these little guys its a real sense of achievement and helps them bond as a group more.

When we got back I was completely soaked through and a full change of clothes was needed. It was only an hours walk though and on a path for pretty much all of it (there is even steps to the top of British Camp)

Of course I had to post it on social media (I'm very annoying like that).

It wasn't long before I had a troll though! Someone who doesn't want the children to experience anything, probably the same type of person who moans about them looking at screens all day as well!

I did laugh when I saw it and tried to keep my reply as polite as possible.

The guy who commented then deleted his comment and blocked me!

Children need to be challenged and do things that are tough sometimes, it makes them feel worth while. My daughter said they all talked about it the next day at school and I could tell they enjoyed it!

What do you think? Is making sure they have experiences that are a little bit tough important?


  1. Yes, I think you did very well to give them a bit of real life, they're all too wrapped up in cotton wool these days and afraid to do anything. Good on you Kev!

    1. Yes, would have to be pretty bad to stop us I think, they had an adventure and that's important.

  2. Reminds me of our school camp as a teen. Rained pretty much every day and didn't stop us doing anything...mostly bush walks and lots of waterfalls. The only dubious bit was getting out as the Matukituki River was still rising but we had good guides with us and at worst got wet to the chest in freezing cold glacier fed water. As this was full of fast moving silt it felt like being sandblasted in a freezer :) We were very proud of ourselves and learned some serious survival skills over that week.


    1. That sounds incredible! I'm afriad this doesn't really compare but I was hoping we'd go kayaking this summer - that's looking unlikely now though.

    2. Crossing my fingers for you. Kayaking is fun. Our first house had a stream that was tidal so we could launch off the front lawn and out under the small road bridge as long as the tide was right. James was just one when we first took him out (with his own teeny tiny lifejacket) and loved it. We had to move though because the house was just too small and too far from work and school for a reasonable commute. Really miss that even after 20 odd years.


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