Saturday 4 April 2020

Mice Keep Eating My Peas!

My greenhouses are bursting at the seams at the moment.
Cucumbers just starting to poke their heads up.
 I've gone a bit plant crazy. A lot of it is for seed saving and to bulk up the amount of seed we have stored so we could grow good quantities should we need to next year.

At the moment a lot of that is peas and broad beans. I think peas are one of my favourite things to grow and I have lots of little packets of heritage varieties that I've decided to grow out. Even if it's just enough for a bucket in each greenhouse, that worked well for me last year.

All the legumes get started in root trainers. Luckily I ordered some of these in bulk about 3 years ago and they are serving me well.

I had a count up yesterday and with the brassicas and tomatoes that are also in them I have 34 root trainers full of seeds! Trouble is I need to find somewhere to plant them all!

The other trouble I've been having has been rodents. Before this lockdown kicked off I had 2 cats lined up to come and help out around here, but I guess they'll have to wait.

So to stop the mice I've been resting anything I can on top of the root trainers until they have germinated. But this drives me slowly mad. So instead I went and knocked up some mini frames to lay on top.

They're made with some old batten and 6mm (1/4") mesh, pinned together. Probably didn't take me half an hour to make nine covers. They fit well and it allows me to see when plants start to poke their heads up and easy watering until then.

Hopefully this will give them the best start.

I now need to increase the number of beds I have in my garden and create a few new growing areas so I can grow all these plants! I'm hoping it'll be a good year for growing and a good year for seed saving.


  1. I love the covers, I need them to stop my puppy digging.

  2. Hey Kev you need to build yourself a bucket trap... it will take care of the mouse problem. They really work well.

    1. I've tried and failed on this one before. I made one a few years back but just couldn't get it to be very effective. Maybe I need to try again. I was worried last time my bucket was too high.

    2. Several key elements I found. The wire must be real stiff and straight. Use the bale handle for the bucket they are generally thick enough. Use an ice pick to punch through the center of the can on both ends. Right through the rivet in the pop top so it is well balanced and spins evenly once installed. Once you get the can on the wire, use a couple tiny rubber O-rings to keep the can centered yet spinning freely. The top profile of the can should be no higher than the top of the bucket once assembled. Bait it with a thin even ribbon of peanut butter again so is spins evenly and does not have a heavy side. They can't resist peanut butter. The height of the bucket don't mater so long as it is tall enough to keep them from jumping out. A standard five gallon plastic plaster bucket works well. The ramp should be rough enough so they can climb it.

  3. Me too! I've started sweet corn in the greenhouse so we can maybe have a 4th of July party with fresh sweetcorn here. But the MICE have been digging in my flats! Maybe we'll have barbqued mice instead of the sweetcorn!!! GRRRRRRRR I feel your pain, Kev

    1. Yes! they love sweetcorn here as well - but I haven't got sown yet it'll be too cold here for a while yet. Do you sow yours direct?
      The Romans loved a bit of doormouse though so maybe they were on to something?


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