Wednesday 8 April 2020

Outdoor Cooking With Scouts

This is from a few weeks ago, before the close down on social gatherings due to Corona Virus. 

It was my week to plan it and I'd said a while ago I fancied doing outdoor cooking.

As our Beaver Scouts are only between 6 and 8 the tasks need to be limited to that age group. This means cooking over oven flames is a little limited but we still make sure they get the real experience! 

Luckily A good friend (who has a son in our Scout group) stepped up to the plate and did most of the cooking. He has an awesome little pizza oven, came early and heated it up. I rocked up barely on time with some dough and the kids each got to make their own pizza!

While this was happening we also had a small fire going in my fire pit so the others could roast marshmallows and I took small groups of them to one side to have a go and practice lighting matches.

It seemed a really good fun session and one the kids really enjoyed.

It was a shame to have to say to the young scouts that this is the last session for a while and we're not sure when it's starting again (this was on the (16th), but it was a good one to end on.

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