Friday 22 January 2021

Apple Tree Pruning Year 9

 I've not missed a year on pruning these trees, and they're shaping up nicely. Although I still want to alter the shape of some of them massively, I love that pruning trees like this is a constantly evolving project and no tree can ever be perfect, and changes each year. 


After - Lower branch removed to slowly raise the canopy to help with field maintenance. Other lower to be removed either next year or the year after. lots of the straight upright growth removed. Interlocking branches removed to open it up more. 

Tree 2 Before

After - Just thinned this one out with some of the higher growth (which we can't reach to pick the fruit) removed. Branches shading each other removed. 

Tree 3 - Before. This is a younger tree, planted to replace one that was run over! 

After - lots of the upright whippy "water shoots" removed. It seems that this variety, Winter Banana, has quite an upright growing habit so it's good to try to encourage branches lower down. The location is quite shaded some of the day so this could also be responsible.   

I always enjoy pruning tree and seeing them develop. These are really coming into their own now and have produced some good crops for us so far - hopefully there will be many more to come! 

Anyone else on tree pruning at the moment? 


  1. We have our Magnolia done most years, normally October or November, we have a small garden and love our tree.

  2. Must admit, winter pruning is something I haven't usually done but intend to this year.

  3. They look good with their goblet like shape. Well done.

  4. Looks good, could dp with you here. I am busy pruning my peach, apricot and nectarine trees. They keep trying to take over my tunnel. Trying to reduce the amount of fruit
    they produce, before I sink under the weight. I always dreamed of having peaches and apricots to pick, when ever I fancied them.

  5. Pruned ours last year, but our region had no fruiting this past year due to weather. We’re hoping for a better year this year.


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