Friday 8 January 2021

Lockdown Walks Again!

So as a nation we find ourselves in lockdown again. My plans for work in the workshop or for anyone else have been shelved while I take over childcare and "home-schooling" again. 

This has also put a stop to my regular exercise routine where I run 5km every other day, which I've been doing from September - I figure now is the most important time to keep yourself in shape really. 

So I've been taking the kids for a long walk each afternoon this week (and will while the weather holds) and exploring the footpaths around here again. 

 The children are just as keen as me to get out there and leave the smallholding - think we'll all start to go a bit mad eventually otherwise! And every time it reminds us of what a beautiful place we live. 

Who else is adding walks to their regular daily routine?


  1. I swear by walking. I walked six miles today.

  2. I have always walked a lot but even more important now. Bit restricted here as the fields are so muddy and some paths impassable with deep water. Quite good fun sploshing through water when I can.

  3. You do live in a beautiful place Kev.

  4. We walk every morning, 3 miles around our nature reserve, some of it on shingle so it's good excercise!

  5. Wow, y'all are putting me to shame! I only walk a mile a day. I think I need to do better. ;0D

    Enjoy those wee ones, Kev!

  6. I don't walk, but admire all you Brits who make it part of your life. I cannot imagine living in such a lockdown. I'm blessed to be so far out in the country here in the US that I could literally walk miles and miles without seeing a house or a person. But I'm content to work around my 50 acres. I hope the lockdown works. We need the same thing here.


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