Tuesday 12 January 2021

Simply Preserved - Featured

Just before Christmas I got asked by Rosemary Jameson, who runs the preserving website, Loves Jars, to see if I'd like to write a piece for her free Bi monthly magazine "Simply Preserved".

I said yes, as it's great practice for my writing and I had a free reign of what I could write about so long as it was linked to preserving! I wrote about how much preserving is a part of our life and about my first garden club talk where I spoke about preserving to a room of seasoned veterans!   

 Here's a link to the magazine with the full article in it. I think I will become a regular reader as it's right up my street and has loads of information in there and I do love the meet the artisan section (although I'd never call myself one)! When looking for what style I should write in I went back and read most of the issues.  

Let me know what you think to the article and to the simply preserved magazine - great to have something free to read! 


  1. Nice one forv. been following Rosemary for years and her recipes are really excellent. Love the mustard one and I make this regularly as it is so easy to do. Keep up the good work.

  2. What an interesting looking magazine - pity I'm moving to a smaller place with no fruit trees!

    BTW Your piece is excellent - well done.

  3. Loved your article, you are too hard on yourself, you truly are a self sufficient preserver of your own produce with very lucky children following in your foot steps.

  4. Nice article. You really are a great communicator and preserver :)

  5. Very nice article Kev. Congratulations.

  6. Excellent article, Kev! Very well written. Congratulations!


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