Monday 25 January 2021

Snowy Days

 The children are a t a lovely age where play is life. Yesterday we managed to take them sledging. Quite a walk to our chosen spot though! about a 5km round walk in total! 

Just pictures today - not many words needed! 


  1. those were the days! we used to put wooden horses up to block off the road behind our house and sled from top to bottom over and over again. we always slept well the night after.

  2. That picture of the children pulling their sleds past the quiet cemetery really struck me: the bright colors contrasted against drab, present day against the old. I could even imagine the cheerful chatter contrasted against the silence of eternity. I loved this series. Children and their sleds, and making snow angels...some things just do not change, do they?

  3. Beautiful memories are being made of a brilliant childhood.

  4. How fun! Still hoping for some lasting snow here in North Carolina, USA!
    Until then, enjoy the snow for me!

  5. Precious memories for all of you. I didn't go on a sledge until I was 27, very rarely had snow and no hills where I grew up.


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