Monday 18 January 2021

Birthday Cakes

Last week we had two birthdays in the house - The eldest turned 9 and the youngest turned 5! 

So that means more birthday cakes to make! I have a little help now as I can't bake without my middle child taking control. I basically leave her to it to make the sponges now! 
The Boy asked for a dolphin cake - It was funny as all day I'd made out I'd misunderstood him and I'd ordered a dead dolphin off the internet, the whole day they were looking out for delivery drivers! 

I think I almost prefer the dolphin before the icing! Looks like something off a greenpeace advert! 

The second cake our eldest just asked for one with as much chocolate as possible! I didn't have much to do with this cake at all. The middle one took charge again, even decorating it as well! 

 She really didn't ask to do much on her birthday (with lockdown it's hard), except to go play at the stream in the village and burgers for tea topped off by watching a Star Wars film. A lovely few days! 


  1. The dolphin cake is extremely clever. Sounds like you kept them busy all day watching for the delivery! Your daughter's cake is really pretty. They both look very tempting!

  2. Wonderful, I expect we'll be seeing both your girls on Junior Bakeoff soon!

  3. How wonderful to have a pair of bakers in the house!
    Birthday wishes to both wee ones!

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