Sunday 10 January 2021

Parenting Sweet Spot

I'm never going to be great at homeschooling. I'm used to spending my days on my own these days rather than having someone (or three people) constantly asking me questions or saying me my name as they think it's gone too quiet....

But I have landed on a good idea, after lunch we have a half quiet reading time now the girls can read in their heads. The boy can either play or I'll read to him one of his animal reference books, but it's been a great bit of our day.

 Here I'm reading an old book "The Wheel Wrights Shop", my eldest is reading about different breeds of chickens and my middlest is reading Secret Seven. 



  1. Best skill ever to teach a child is to read, I love my books.

  2. I've always told my boy, if you can read, you'll never be bored.

  3. Aw, such a sweet picture! I don't think any of us feel adequate to homeschool, even those of us who chose to do it deliberately. It definitely gets better as they get older. Little ones want you doing things with them, but gradually they shift into I-can-do-it-myself mode.

    Cultivating a love of reading is key, and I think you hit on a brilliant solution for that! If they know how to read and know how to find information when they need it, they're equipped for anything. Memorizing facts only helps us pass the next test, nothing more.

  4. Beautiful parenting! Many years from now, your children will look back on these times with awe at the wonderful childhood you made for them.

  5. My grandson homeschools here because they cannot afford the internet at his house. So he is dropped off the night before because there is no time to do that in the morning. They work opposite shifts and have one car. We sprawl in my bed with the reading light and we read for an hour before he heads to his own bed. I love that time.

  6. that is the sweetest pic of all of you!

  7. Taking time to read after lunch is a great way to help children "rest" in the middle of the day. One year I helped out at a cub scout day camp, and did my best to read books to the children for 30min after lunch. The days I succeeded, the afternoon activities had less pouting, tears and general mayhem. One mother told me that her son seemed to do better at home in the evenings as well.
    Reading just seems to give a person time to relax and let go of problems too. Great choices in your family!


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