Tuesday 5 January 2021

Working With Neighbours - Fixing the Drive

Just before Christmas my neighbour (and good friend) rang me up to say about a soft spot on our shared drive. He suggested that we sort it out, saves getting anyone in and saves a load of money. There's 4 pipes down there so it was a role of the dice as to who it was. 

He got a few fittings in but we decided to leave it until after the Christmas holidays were over so if we needed anything specialist we could buy it easily. We set a date for the 4th of January to get it sorted. 

My neighbour is now 79 so to help with the digging he got his son Paul to come and help. He is a fencer by trade and as so an excellent digger! Once we unearthed the pipes (with lots of bailing of water) I then managed to start the digger (easy start) and dig us a larger patch so we could get down to work on it. 

As I was the youngest of the three and still had good knees it was decided that I should go down the hole to make the connection! I can tell you I was soaked and frozen by then end, even though the water was off the hole was still pretty damp! 

With the pipe repaired we back filled the hole (10mm gravel around the pipes then mot on top) and will let it settle for a while before adding a bit more stone on top. 

Although not the nicest job it was fun to work with some other people for a change and we laughed and joked through the whole thing. 

Good neighbours make such a difference to where you live and I'm so lucky to have mine, for these last nine years he's been a friend and a mentor. 


  1. how wonderful! bad neighbors are the worst thing to deal with. you are very lucky.

  2. Looks like a good excuse to make mud pies!

  3. I think you just fancied making mud pies.

  4. Good neighbors make all the difference in the world!

    One can almost hear the conversation: "Well, looks like it is a bit deep. Who has the best knees?" Everyone's eyes slowly turn...

  5. With so much rain lately I was surprised to see the hole without water. Yes good neighbours are a blessing.

  6. Your picture reminds me of a tale from an army friend about digging 'trenches' on exercise in mid-winter. Too long to relate here other than it finished with the line "Cold, wet, tired, hungry, and miserable - SIR!" - having fired off a 'crisp' salute and trying to sound enthusiastic about it all.

  7. Two blessings: Good neighbors and good knees--cherish them.

  8. Isn't it amazing (and wonderful) how a yucky, miserable job can be changed into an (okay, almost) enjoyable experience when there is someone to work, talk and joke with? We, too, are blessed with great neighbors who would literally do anything for us should the need ever arise.


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