Monday 31 October 2022

Young Woodworker!

When my boy comes into the workshop with a gleam in his eye I know he has an idea to make something. 

 Yesterday it was a tractor. 

I do have to manage his expectations a little bit. the first thing is to make sure he draws it down. He's quite good at explaning his ideas but his excitement can get the better of him. Also sometimes his sense of scale is off a little bit (he is only 6 after all). 

He wanted to build a tractor using "acorn hats" (as he calls them) for wheels. I explained this might make it a bit small for him to work with. 

So instead he settled for turning some wheels on the lathe. I help him with his, guiding his hands, but he seems to love it and loved that he had shavings in his hair by the end! 

We then cut the axles from dowel by hand and he drew out the shape of the body which I cut on the bandsaw. 

He glued them all together, carefully using a brush so the axles would still turn. 

He was so pleased with it and went straight in to show his sisters and his mum. He plans on sanding it then giving it some paint to match a John Deere (grandads favourite). 

It's always fun having him in the workshop with me! 

Can you remember the first thin you made when you were young?


  1. Lucky lad, lucky dad, win all round

  2. I love this. Besides the absolutely adorable pictures, it's that he gets ideas to create things and you help him make them happen. You're building a relationship and passing on not just knowledge and skills, but an appreciation for creating, designing, and working with his hands. Priceless!

    1. I love trying to unravel his ideas and make him get them into an order of something we can build. It really helps him to talk it through.

  3. Well done that young man. Great job. I wonder how many kids get the chance to bring their ideas to fruition like that - and knowing they can encourages them to have more ideas..... (few have parents with the skills to help make it happen). First thing i made was a propeller for the front of my bike.

  4. That is super cool Kev, thank you sharing.

    Like your son, I had great ideas but not necessarily a lot of patience.

    1. He will stick at a task well, but currently does like to complete it in one sitting. When he carves he will last until his hands give out! Which can be quite some time. He was loving the other day when I had some loud punk music playing! He was so happy just carving along!


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