Sunday 2 October 2022

New Additions (hens) & Egg Rolls

 A friend of dads has a big chicken farm and they sometimes offer us birds when they have their cull to replace with younger birds. These were from a free ranged chicken farm and are very lively and healthy birds! 

We've increased our flock by 6 birds, and I know these will lay better than our Indian Game over winter, which hardly lay at all when the nights draw in. 

The children always love having new chickens and always find the ones from the big farms to be really friendly. No doubt I'll have to stop them naming them in the next few weeks! 

They laid us six eggs today which we had for lunch. I baked some white bread rolls and then fried up some eggs. 

Seemed rude not to eat their "gifts" straight away! 

My wife has been away all weekend, but it was a lovely weekend with the kids, and visiting my brother and his family.

Also nice to have some hybrids back again. I love having my pure breed chickens but it is great to have some I know will lay well! We've been short of eggs a few times lately! 


  1. We are getting ten eggs a day at the moment. Lots of scrambled egg and toast for breakfast.

    1. That's good going! I should say we'll be up to seven or eight now, but these girls have already given us a dozen eggs in two days!

  2. Those rolls look divine! Enjoy your new charges!

    1. My rolls are always good! Better when the house is warm - and I'd lit the kitchen fire for the first time that day!


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