Sunday 23 October 2022

Mistakes In the Polytunnel (again)!!!

Well, it's my third season in there and I'm still making the same mistakes! 

The biggest one being just how much I try to squeeze in there! 

So I did another video, a look around the polytunnel, warts and all. No sugar coating my mistakes, being honest about them and how I can do better next year. 

Hopefully it'll make interesting viewing. If you watch it then let me know! 

I'm not far from clearing the polytunnel out and putting in some salad starts that are waiting in the greenhouse and sowing green manure (field beans) everywhere else. 

What mistakes do you make in the polytunnel or greenhouse over and over? 

What's your top tip for success for growing under cover?


  1. At least you have a polytunnel Kev. Ever since I started growing veg or perennials it's always been one kick forwards one kick backwards. Great video.

    1. Yeah, I'm lucky to have it. especially as we got it for the price of removing it!

  2. Great video, Kev. Thanks for sharing the fails and the good.In my pt this year I planted my toms further apart but they took ages to start fruiting and even longer to ripen, half way through making salsa verde with a good lot of them. I had peppers and chillis in there, too, the peppers failed completely, not sure why but I should have a few chillis t hat I should be able to use. My cucumbers failed totally, too. I'm re thinking next year and going to grow my brasiccas in the pt as I'm pants at netting things so none outside apart from a couple of red ones maybe.

    1. I think it's important I share my failures as well! I certainly have enough of them!
      I think it may be more the pruning side of things just as much as the spacing. I am going to put some winter crops in mine and hope that it provides two sets of crops then. Last year it had the ducks in all winter and they made a right mess and stopped me growing!


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