Saturday 22 October 2022

Achocha - Vegetable Hedgehog?

I give lots of talks on to garden clubs on different subject. One of my favourites to give is about Unusual Fruit and Vegetables, I love that there is so much out there you can eat that people just haven't heard about. 

My first talk on unusual fruit and veg (I have three now) is one I must have given at least 50 times. I love giving it and it's become very much an act I do. I know it's a good talk and I receive lots of brilliant feedback about it.  

In it, there are a few edibles that people really gasp when they see. One of these is the achocha. A spiky veg from South America. It's tasty, easy to grow (a little too easy you could say) and easy to save the seed from. In fact it's so easy to grow it takes some controlling in a polytunnel or greenhouse. 

I've done another video for this. I'm not sure if my thumbnails for the videos have got better or worse but I'm hopeful it might get a few people to click on it! 

What's your favourite unusual edible to grow?


  1. Might look into that. I'm currently researching growing chokos but not sure where to get seeds for those.

    1. I'm not sure but I think my mates mum grows them. I'll find out. If you want some Achocha seed then let me know via an email (address on the contact me page) and I can post you some when I have them saved and dry enough.


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