Wednesday 12 October 2022

How To Build A ToolBox With Simple Tools

On Twitter I asked people what they'd like to see in a video and a few said a toolbox, but using just a few tools rather than my usual array of every tool going (I'm certainly guilty of that, but it is my job!). 

So last week I made up a toolbox using just a few hand tools and a cordless drill and filmed the process. 

The box itself is dead simple and I often make and sell these on my Etsy Store as a product to sell. I think keeping yourself organised, either in the garden, workshop, homestead or smallholding, is essential to being efficient, having a toolbox is ideal for that. It keeps tools safe, and grouped into different tasks (if you have multiple toolboxes). 

This toolbox would also work great for a display in a garden shed or greenhouse, it would also make a great gift. 

I think it's a really simple build, will probably only take a few hours to make. Watch the video and I try to give some good carpentry tips as well. 

I build it using some reclaimed pine boards, a offcut of ply and a length of broom handle. 

If you do build it I'd love to see it! And if you watch the video I'd love some feedback. 

Do you use a wooden toolbox?

What does you ideal toolbox look like? Is there one from your past you remember?

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