Thursday 20 October 2022

Sycamore Rolling Pin

Searching through my woodpile the other day I found a knotty blank of sycamore. 

My first thought was just to cut it up, get it on the fire and right it off. 

But I'd been speaking to a very good woodturner about skew chisels and I decided that I should use this as a perfect bit of practice to keep my skills sharp.

So instead I put it on the lathe and made a very simple rolling pin. I was so close to keeping this one for ourselves. The knots make it look almost like marble. 

I listed it on Ebay and sold it in 24 hours so I must not be on the only one who loves the look of this wood! A good item to keep practicing. 

I have an article planned where I'm going to turn 30 rolling pins in 30 days. Just need to make sure I have 30 days I know I can get in the workshop. I think doing it like that would really hone my skills. 

Does anyone have a special shaped rolling pin they like?

Send me a link and I might just make it! 



  1. It's beautiful Kev, I'm sure you can sell a few of those. But I already have one.

    1. that is often the trouble with an item that lasts a lifetime. Hopefully they'll be good as gifts for people starting up their own homes.

  2. Kev, it is beautiful.

    Ours is a standard commercial with an rod (axle?) going through the center and the two handles attached. I like yours much better.

    If you post upon completion, I would be interested in buying one for my daughter that bakes.

    1. There's so many different shapes out there, I like the look of some of the French ones as well.
      I'll post on here when I have some more ready to sell. I have some blanks ready cut, just need to find a bit of time on the lathe.


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