Monday 17 October 2022

Pizza Night (Cooked In Our Earth Oven)

So with my middle daughter turning nine at the weekend, she had a little party and a few friends over for a sleepover. 

 Part of me was dreading it (these girls sure do like to talk) but they were so well behaved it was very easy. 

For tea she had asked for pizza in the pizza oven. So me and the Boy fired it up around 2.30 to get it hot enough to cook 8 pizzas on. 

This time I filmed the process though.

It's fun watching it back in high speed. I should live stream it as therapy really! The video shows lighting it (the boy helped) and then cooking the pizzas, it's fun watching that first pizza puff up in the oven. 

What do you think? Do you like this style of video? 

Do you fancy coming over for pizza?


  1. I love primitive cooking! So simple and the taste can't be beat! Hope she enjoyed her special day!

    1. It really does taste better cooked this way. We all love it. Thank you - she had a great day, but fairly easy one as she had a big sleep over the night before! Luckily they weren't too noisy!

  2. I best your woodfire pizzas smell and taste amazing? Great video.

    1. It really does! So lovely to see everyone enjoying it as well. The kids always feel proud as they helped to make the oven.


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