Tuesday 4 October 2022

Teaching My Daughter To Fix A Puncture

SO, I'm always looking to teach the kids stuff - even if it's a subject I don't know too much about! 

I think it must be over 20 years since I fixed a puncture in a bike tyre!  

But my eldest daughter was dead keen to fix it with me, so I showed her how to take the wheels off, disconnect the brakes and get the tube out. 

Then how to find the leak and how to apply the patch. I think she'll need to go through it a few more times before it really sinks in, but it's good practice at being practical. 

Also I hope it shows her that we can fix things like this ourselves.

On Saturday we saw a repair café in the local town, so I stopped and we all went for a look around and chatted to the people there. I hope my children grow up knowing they can fix or make pretty much anything! 


  1. Good for you to give your children such useful practical experience! It takes me back to a childhood when we kids cycled everywhere (and a puncture repair kit and bike pump was essential kit), not reliant on parental lifts - my parents insisted that we passed our cycling proficiency tests before we were allowed to go far though.

    1. They still do that test now. Our road isn't that busy but when people go down it some take no prisioners so I still wouldn't want the kids out on it unfortunately.


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