Wednesday 19 October 2022

Are Nasturtiums The Best Companion Plant?

We all grow companion plants, either by accident or by design. I think that by having a good selection of plants you give your garden the best possible chance of thriving. 

So inside my kitchen garden I squeeze in as many plants as I can, making sure that even though some aren't a food crop they have another purpose (like French marigolds around my tomatoes).

One that ticks both boxes of being a food crop and being great to grow around other plants is Nasturtiums. They look beautiful, have a lovely peppery taste, attract pollinators and act as a trap crop to draw pests away from more valuable crops. 

I made a short video showing why I love them, and I also near choke to death on how peppery a raw nasturtium seed is mid way through! Worth watching for the look on my face alone! 

If you watch it I'd love you to leave a comment on YouTube! 

What would you like to see more videos on? Should I do a garden tour (although it's a terrible mess at the moment)?

What is your favourite companion plant to grow?


  1. I enjoyed your video, I don't go to XTube often because of their censorship. Funny moment of you tasting the spicy seed. I agree with you, nasturtiums are my favorite companion plant, you will impress friends when you serve a salad with the flowers. Greetings from me in California.

    1. Hi! Thanks for watching! Yeah, I think they really add something to a salad, always fun to have lots of different flowers in there!

  2. Keeping it real! Good for you. Won't eat those again? I like the notion that they capture the detrimental insects so your crops aren't eaten. pretty too. I also love marigolds in the garden and they look lovely when you pot them up and bring them indoors for a few weeks in the fall. I like your videos and I think you will continue to grow followers with your interesting content.

    1. Thank you for the complenets on the videos, I still feel very self conscious doing them! Although I am getting into a bit of a groove now. I have a few more project videos I want to do as well as the garden and homestead ones.
      Plants as trap crops are great, I have to do that with the kids as well, grow enough so they can graze while still having a harvest!


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